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Today much of the world’s economy is based on the ability of countries to import and export goods to each other. This global economy is vital to allowing the exchange of technology and goods and relies upon a network of importers and exporters to ensure that goods can flow freely and be available to meet the ever growing demand of the public. In order to keep track of the most reputable distributors have created an importers directory. This is a list of registered importers that lets you find which companies are in the business of importing what product.

If you are considering going into any of the various online businesses supplying practically any product for the consumer market the one thing you are going to need is a way fid a reputable supplier for your products. Most online businesses deal with imported goods and the only way to find safe reputable suppliers is to use an importers directory.  This directory provides an online list of all the different importers and what they carry, it also gives the buyer a reasonable assurance that the company they are dealing with is not going to scam them out of their money and not supply the product after being paid.

There are many different types of importers and most of them will work with either a drop shipping sales site or with affiliate marketers. This is what the importers directory was established for; if you are looking at an importer who is not listed you may want to look for another importer as you risk losing your investment. When it comes to importers there are many that specialize in only one particular type of product and if this is your line of business this is probably your best bet.

The Pharma Importer

Image of Pharma Importer.Being listed as a pharma importer brings with it a host of impressions and regulations. One thing it does not mean is that every importer listed in this category in the importers directory is importing medications and prescription drugs into a country.

In fact quite the opposite as many of the pharma importers are more likely to be involved in the import of products such as diet supplements and health tonics.

In many countries such as the US these products are tightly regulated and as such are listed alongside medications as pharmaceuticals. This type of listing can make it somewhat more complicated for the importer to get his products into a country. At the same time these same tight regulations mean that the products that do make it to the consumers have a much higher safety record. In countries where the laws governing the import of pharma products are lax or non – existent the risk consumers being injured or becoming ill from an untested product are very high.

Another area that is covered under the same policies are medical devices and herbal supplements, with China now being one of the world’s leading exporters of almost every type of pharmaceutical product imaginable it is much easier to find a pharma importer no matter where you live. These products are required by the laws of most western countries to pass the same stringent tests as products made anywhere else in the world.

To ensure that you are going to get products that meet with the standards established with your country you need to make sure that the pharma importer you are considering dealing with is registered with the government and is listed in the importers directory.  This truly is the best way to make sure that the products you are going to be selling to your customers are going to be safe ad will not come back to haunt you.

Since most pharma importers are required to have a license to import even if they are dealing in traditional remedies and herbal supplements it helps to cut down on the amount of illegal importing that goes on and most importers are very reputable. Frequently inspections and constant regulation in countries like the US make it much harder for poor quality or contaminated pharma products to make to the consumer. Those who are listed in the importers directory can usually be assumed to be reputable and providers of high quality merchandise.

The Granite Importer

Image of The Granite Importer.Or Granite as the case may be, this beautiful material has been gaining popularity in the home building and home improvement markets rapidly in the last few years, leaving granite importers scrambling to keep up with the demand.

Granite is becoming very popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms for use as countertops. This is mainly due the fact that it is a very durable material that does not take much in the way of care and maintenance to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

Once granite was not as popular due to lack of quarries and granite importers, today there are almost 3,000 granite quarries in the world and the vast variety of colors and patterns that are available have made granite countertops one of the best selling materials on the market. 

When you are looking the various sample at the granite importers warehouse you need to make sure that what you are looking at is really granite, there are some stones that look similar but are not the real thing. The price you pay will depend heavily on the individual piece of granite you select based on the quality of the slab and the region it was imported from.

The Chemical Importer

Image of The Chemical Importer.A chemical importer could be classified as someone who imports raw of finished chemical products that are used in the process of manufacturing a finished product. This could include that actual component chemicals of the finished product or chemicals used in the manufacturing process. It could also include any solvents or cleaning chemicals that must be used. It is however in Europe the responsibility of the chemical importer or the manufacturer of each chemical to prepare a CSA.

The Chemical Safety Assessment is used to assess the risks of a particular chemical towards the health of the people who must work with or around it. This report must not show the findings of testing, but how these results were obtained. This regulation applies to the chemical importer who brings in more than 10 tonnes of a particular chemical per year. This way the companies who must use these chemicals will know how to protect their employees properly and what to do in the case of an accidental spill. These regulations were established to protect employees from the risks often associated with many of these chemicals and have been very successful in the reduction of illness and accidental death caused by exposure to them.

Wire Mesh Importer

Image of Wire Mesh Importer.For many years the wire mesh fence has been the most common one used in many western countries, particularly the US. By the foot is has long been one of the most economical materials for fencing in large areas. In recent years the number of foreign manufacturers has grown significantly allowing the wire mesh importer to bring in much cheaper fencing than can be made in most western countries. While this has been good for the consumer it has not been very good for the domestic manufacturers.

According to the average wire mesh importer, business has become so good that there is an area of China that is known as Wire Mesh Land and is one of the largest producers of wire mesh in the world. They now produce every imaginable style of wire mesh from the old fashioned galvanized to stainless steel ,you can also by wire mesh that is coated in plastic to keep it from rusting for many years. The wire mesh that is being sold by the wire mesh importer is top quality merchandise and most of it comes with a limited warranty. These days the mesh that is imported is every bit as good as that which is made in many western countries and sometimes much better.

The Pipe Fittings Importer

No matter where you live and what type of home or business building you are building or renovating, at some point you are likely to need some type of fitting to finish the job. In years gone by these fitting were made in plants across the country. Today however many of them are made overseas and it is the job of the pipe fitting importer to find the right fittings at the best price so that you can still get the fittings you need at a much better price.

The pipe fittings importer fills an important gap in the building trade, without the fittings he is able to supply many projects would never get completed. In many cases there are no longer any manufacturers for these fittings except in countries like China, where it seems like most things are made these days. So if you cannot find someone to import them, you may not be able to complete your task. Pipe fitting importers work at different levels from those who deal in the sizes for the building trade to those who work on the huge commercial scale pipes, in most cases pipe fittings are only one aspect of the materials they import.

The Jewelry Importer

Display of US Jewels Importers.If you are thinking about going into business as a jewelry importer or retailer there are a few things to think about. However, the most important thing you will need to know is whether or not the price you are paying for each piece of jewelry is right or if you are getting charged too much. As with any product, the demand for it dictates the cost of the supply. Take for example silver, it is a precious metal and every year some 650 million ounces of it are mined in various countries.

As it is used in so many different industries including jewelry, electronics, photography and the field of medicine the price tends to fluctuate somewhat. However in the last 30 years it has gone from an all time high of $19.45 per Troy ounce to just over $16 so this makes silver jewelry less expensive for the jewelry importer. On the other hand gold has continued to go up steeply in price from around $300 per ounce in 1985 to almost $1,000 in 2009 making the cost of imported gold jewelry very high. If you want to import jewelry and know that you are not being ripped off you will need to follow the markets closely.

No matter what kind of importer you are looking for from chemicals to jewelry, there is one place that you will find them all listed and that is the importer directory. It is the most comprehensive list of all importers currently available anywhere in the world.


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