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To start with, it is very important to know what a chemical importer actually is. Very simply put, a chemical importer is a person who imports finished or raw chemical products which are then used for manufacturing a finished product. More specifically, this definition could imply the fact that such an importer deals with the actual component chemicals of the finished product or with any chemicals used for the manufacturing of a finished product. Also, this category includes any cleaning chemicals or solvents necessary for that process.


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Image of The Chemical Importer.Between the European borders, each and every chemical importer or manufacturer of a chemical is obliged to prepare a CSA, the Chemical Safety Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to put in balance the risks that a certain chemical exposes a consumer to, the degree of safety it assures if it is worked around or worked with. In a more specific way, this assessment does not show the results of the tests the chemicals are subject to, but the ways in which these results were found.

The CSA is necessary in the case of importers who bring a quantity of more than 10 tons of a certain chemical in a year’s time and eases the job of the companies which have to protect their workers against the possible negative effects of exposure to that particular chemical. This way, they become aware of the measures they have to take in case unwished for incidents occur. This report or assessment has proved to be very useful, considerably diminishing the illness rates and the accident rates which may lead even to the death of the subjects.

In the case of US exports, there is the US BIS, which maintains the DPL (the Denied Party List). As far as imports are concerned, there is a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), whose section eight imposes on chemical manufacturers, distributors, processors and chemical importers to inform EPA (the US Environment Protection Agency) with thirty days in advance whether there are any unpublished or new pieces of information regarding their chemicals which may place the cargo under the suspicion of presenting any risks towards the consumers’ health or towards that of the environment. In some cases, shipments need to present a certification stating that there are no the chemicals do not present any violations of the regulations provisioned in the Toxic Substance Control Act.

At present, the US president, Barrack Obama, is looking to modify the regulations of chemicals used in US products or at work, this initiative being supported by chemical representatives all over the USA. In this direction, the Toxic Substance Control Act will be updated and chemical importers will be obliged to present a bigger amount of information regarding their products or different innovations. This way, the number of illegal imports will register lower rates, consumers will be less exposed to all kinds of risks distributors or importers may ignore in order to gain more profit and better fit in the market mechanism.

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