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Granite has gained a lot of popularity lately, this beautiful material being more and more used in home building and home improvement, granite importers therefore being obliged to do a lot of work in order to keep with the demands of the two markets. Above all, granite is more and more popular among people eager to improve their kitchens and bathrooms, who use it as countertops. The advantage of granite as compared to other materials is that it is very durable and is not very difficult to maintain in such a way that the house looks just as good as new all the time.

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Stepping aside a bit from the home industry, it may also be very relevant for a granite importer to be aware of the fact that granite is also known for being used as a dimension stone, for different platforms or floors of public buildings or monuments.

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This and its abundance may be considered as starting points for its use in building the foundations of homes. Also, it is very much connected to marble, being far more durable under this form. As we have seen that granite is used mainly for kitchens and bathrooms, we should mention the fact that kitchen countertops are made of polished granite, durable and very attractive.

Usually, in this particular domain, granite denotes all rocks which have large crystals in their composition and not only those with a granitic one.

It is very important that as a consumer or a granite amateur, you take a good look at what is supposed to be a granite sample when paying a visit to the granite importer’s warehouse, as it is very easy to mistake it for some other rock or material based on the pieces of information above. You also have to take into consideration the fact that the price of the granite grows according to the quality of the slab and the country it was imported from.

In opposition with the fact that granite was undermined because of the lack of quarries and granite importers, at present there are about three thousand quarries around the world and granite is available in many shades and patterns, these factors assuring its unbelievable growth on the specialized market and making it one of the most frequently used materials in the countertop industry and not only.

As a granite importer, you do not need a licence in order to import granite into the United States of America. All you have to do is to consult a custom broker who possesses a licence if you want him to take care of all the paperwork necessary for your import. Also, you may be required to fumigate your cargo because being an agricultural material it is highly exposed to parasites, affecting the environment. This entire licence process should not last for more than a few days and it is quite easy to obtain a licence if you have not been cooperating with suspicious vendors or have not been banned.

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